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For me, there’s nothing better than a beautifully crafted leather bridle. Ok maybe a saddle. The point is, craftsmanship seems to be a bit of a dying trade. It’s always great to hear that a master saddler, Geoff Fieldhouse founder of GFS, is doing well for himself. Especially in this world of fast food and instant coffee.

This type of bridle is pretty much the only type of bridle I use. Less the diamante browband, I’ll leave that for the ladies. You honestly can’t go wrong with this bridle, and it sells for a fraction of the price of some of the other ‘fancy’ brands. If you want a good bridle that works, this is you ticket.



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Why buy a GFS Bridle?

GFS or Geoff Fieldhouse Saddlery was established in 1983 by Geoff Fieldhouse, a master saddler. Geoff Fieldhouse has worked closely with Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa in the development and design of many of their saddles, bridles and riding accessories. In fact, he seems to be the ‘go to’ man when top riders want to start their own brand or develop their own saddle. He has done work with Blythe Tait to help develop a cross country saddle. Dr Reiner Klimke Olympic dressage gold medalist used him to help produce the very successful Klimke Dressage saddle. He has also done work for Anky Van Grunsven, Olympic gold medalist and world champion. He helped her with her brand, ANKY.

Geoff Fieldhouse is a master saddler in every sense of the word. GFS make this bridle beautifully, and here are some of its key features:

  • It has an anatomically shaped padded headpiece to relieve poll pressure and contour around the ears.
  • There is a padded cavesson noseband to provide extra comfort for your horse.
  • Comes as standard with a diamante browband.
  • The bridle comes with rubber grip reins.
  • The craftsman use only the finest quality leather

This is a great product, and it sells for an excellent price.

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