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Show jumping bridles are very much a personal thing. We all have our favorite bridles and not-so-favorite bridles. That’s why they come in so many shapes and sizes. For me though, being a practical kind of guy, they need to work well, be comfortable, and last long.

I always tend to buy a better quality bridle, they just last a lot longer. Having said that, as with many things in the equestrian world, some things are ridiculously overpriced. Trending brands think they can charge the earth because people want to be seen sporting their brand. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There definitely are beautifully made bridles, made from the finest leather, that won’t cost you an are and a leg.

With decades of experience, I generally know what to look for to get a good bridle. If you’re after really well-made show jumping bridles, that are nice and soft and comfy on your horse. If you want it to last several years, then these bridles are for you.