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Dave Miller

About Clear-Round saddle shop owner Dave Miller

My name is Dave Miller and I’m a professional Show jumper, who love a trip to the local saddle shop. I have been riding professionally for around seven years now, and have been showjumping for most of my life. So I would classify myself as a horseman in every sense of the word. I live, eat, and breathe the sport of show jumping.

Dave Miller Anky Dave Miller

Unfortunately, I don’t come from the wealthy background some of my peers do. So I don’t have the huge budget necessary to compete at the highest level of the sport. So, up until now, I haven’t achieved anything near what I’d hoped to achieve. I’m still dedicated to my dream of competing on the world stage however. I am ever hopeful that my dream horse is out there trying to find me. My philosophy is, if I can’t compete with their big budgets, I will outwork them. I’m at the stables at 5am, and I’m on the go until 7pm, seven days a week. I feel truly blessed to be working with these wonderful animals, and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

So recently, while having a coffee with one of my owners, she says to me, “Hey Dave, with all your knowledge about on showjumping, why don’t you start a blog, reviewing products that are for sale on the internet, and see if you can earn commission as an affiliate”. Not 100% sure she was still speaking English, the word commission caught my attention. After explaining to me, very patiently I must add, I decided it would be a great idea to give it a shot. If I can help people out by imparting some of my knowledge of equestrian product, and earn some commission at the same time, we all win. It seemed like a ‘no brainer’.

Her husband, who is a lot more tech savvy than I am, and I, did the necessary research, as to what would be needed to set up a little website like this one. I then spent weeks, scouring the internet, for products that I liked, and that I use in my own stable yard, on my own horses. Obviously, being the frugal guy that I am, the right price was always on the top of the list.

So that’s how Clear-Round came about. I sincerely hope you find it helpful. All the products on this website come highly recommended by me, and have an honest, no nonsense review. Please always remember, that buy buying from this website you will be helping someone live his dream, and maybe one day when you see me on TV, you can say, “I helped that guy get there”.