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Showjumping exercises to improve your horses jump

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Showjumping exercises
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These Showjumping exercises are specifically designed to help improve your horse’s jumping technique. They are widely used because they have they are the most effective. I have created a video demonstration of my four favorite exercises. These four showjumping exercises should be more than sufficient to maximize your horse’s jumping potential.

V Poles

So V poles are one of the most commonly used tools to help improve your horse’s jumping technique. They’re widely recognized to improve your horse’s technique in front, but all horses react slightly differently to them, so in some cases as well as sharpening your horse up in front they will get your horse jumping rounder over the jump, as well as opening their technique up behind.

Landing Pole

The landing pole after a vertical is a great way to get your horse to bascule over the jump. It good for horses that tend to jump out too far over the jump, making their apex, or highest point of their jumping trajectory past the jump, instead of over the jump.

Pole over an oxer

The pole over the oxer makes the jump look a little more solid. Especially as the horse travels over the top of it. It will get him to look down as he jumps over it encouraging him to jump in a rounder shape.

V Poles on an oxer

V Poles on an Oxer are slightly different from the V Poles on a Vertical. The difference is that they go on the back pole and not on the front pole.

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