How to be a confident rider

How to be a confident rider is a question every showjumper asks at least one at some point in their career. The fact is, that if you don’t possess a good mental game plan you will struggle to do well in the sport of showjumping.

Dealing with failure.

As a showjumper, you are more likely to fail more than you succeed. So how you deal with failure will play a big part in your self-confidence. The trick is to treat failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, take the lesson and move on.


Self-talk in short is our inner dialogue or our thoughts. It is extremely important to become aware of your self-talk and be able to change your inner dialogue when it is counter productive to you aspirations as a showjumper. This video will give you some advice on how to do just that.

Body Language

Studies have shown that your body language can directly influence your state of mind. So if you have a confident body language it will help you feel more confident and help you ride more confidently. Watch the video below to get some advice on how to develop a more confident body language.


What type of mindset are you in at a show or when training? Are you focused on trying to prove to yourself and your peers that you have potential or the ability to be a great rider? Or are you focused on improving. Simply focusing on aspects of your riding that you would like to improve. There’s a big difference, and it has a big impact on the enjoyment and pressure you feel while riding or competing.

Goal Setting

Goal setting plays an important role in your success. However, as a rider you are dealing with a live animal, so many variables are at play. There are slightly different ways to set goals as a showjumper, so watch this video to find out more.

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