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I love beautify made leather products, and this is certainly one of them. The whole tanning process of the leather is done naturally and old school.  Chemicals are not used when they tan the leather to make these bridles, which in my opinion gives you a better product. Not only do you get a better product, but the tanning process is environmentally friendly, which is HUGE in my book.

EcoRider think out of the box when they design their bridles, with the horses comfort as the top priority. In this bridle the head piece and throat lash have been specifically designed to relieve pressure from the poll area and under the jaw. You don’t need to be a genius to see that this is a great bridle, and would be perfectly suited to a strong but sensitive horse.



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Why an EcoRider Bridle – Freedom Grackle?

  • EcoRider design the Freedom Grackle EcoRider Bridle with practicality and comfort in mind.
  • The aim is to alleviate pressure from the nerve sensitive poll area.
  • EcoRider then cut the headpiece away to adapt to the shape of your horse’s ears.
  • They attache the throat lash to the top of the headpiece to relieve pressure under the jaw.
  • Soft sheepskin padding on the nose will distribute pressure evenly and is a perfect buffer against any unwanted pressure.

So if you want a sleek and comfortable bridle, then look no further than the EcoRider Freedom Grackle Bridle!

What is different about leather they use to manufacture an EcoRider Bridle

  • They make their bridles using the finest, softest eco friendly leather.
  • They tan the leather over 30 days using barks such as oak, chestnut and hemlock.
  • This process takes much longer than standard chemical tanning ensuring a soft yet strong leather.

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