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How to prepare for a show jumping competition

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How to prepare for a show jumping competition is something you really need to know how to do well. Bering in mind that all horses are different and can’t all be squeezed into the same mold. This routine is one that should fit well with most horses. As far as the riders’ preparation for a showjumping competition, I’ve mainly focused on things you should do when you are actually at the show. Like your warmup, mental preparation, and your course walk.


Flatwork Days
I usually do two flatwork days for my preparation for shows, however, I always include cavaletti work or pole work in the flatwork. So for the flatwork, I never miss out on an opportunity to work on my horse’s canter adjustability, shown in the Showjumping flatwork exercises video, and I always work on my accuracy and my horse’s obedience over the cavaletti’s seen in the video’s How to see a distance to a jump (3 of 5) and How to see a distance to a jump (5 of 5).  Usually done on a Monday and Wednesday.

Flatwork Exercises

Jumping Days

I usually jump twice in the week leading up to a show, one day a gymnastic and the other day a course or an exercise that simulates jumping a course. Usually a gymnastic on Tuesday, and a course on Friday. Here are 3 gymnastics, and 2 jumping exercises you can choose from that are great for show preparation


Jumping Exercises

Course Walking Tips

If you are going to shows you should already know a lot of what you need to know about walking a course, but here are a few tips, which I only learned later in my career, that are extremely helpful.

Your Warm-Up At Shows

This is my standard warmup at shows. This obviously can be tailored to suit you and your horse, but if your warmup is close to this, you should be in pretty good shape.

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