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Horseware Rambo Micklem Bridle


For starters, you can’t fault Horseware as an equestrian brand. Everything they manufacture is of the highest quality. They’re always at the cutting edge when it comes to innovation and design. The Rambo Micklem Bridle is no different. What’s awesome about these bridles is that they have been designed with the horse’s comfort as the priority. They remove pressure from the horse’s sensitive points, which makes the Mecklem Bridle one of the kindest bridles on the market today. They work beautifully. I have a friend who is a top Grand Prix rider, and she won’t ride her horses in anything else. They have been FEI approved, and are currently one of the biggest selling bridle types available today.



Why buy a Horseware Rambo Micklem Bridle?

The Micklen Bridle is described as ‘a kind and sympathetic bridle for horses that are sensitive in the mouth’

The horse’s top jaw is substantially wider than the lower jaw. Therefore a tight cavesson or flash noseband can squash the delicate tissue inside the mouth between the edge of their top jaw molar teeth and the pressure from the noseband. As such, horses that try to open their mouth while wearing a tight noseband can end up with bruising or lacerations inside the mouth.

The Micklem bridle avoids these sensitive areas by fitting higher up on the nose where the bone is thicker and avoiding any inward pressure on the molar teeth.

Pressure on the poll is also minimized as the headpiece is a single strap that is wide, shaped, and padded. The Micklem bridle doesn’t have long cheek pieces, which means there is much less movement and the bit is very static.  This helps the horse to settle and accept the bit.

Cavesson nosebands can put pressure on the motor and sensory nerves for the lower half of the horse’s head. This can result in numbness around the nose and mouth. This is why so many horses rub their noses on their forelegs after work. Similarly, dropped nosebands sit on the delicate two ends of the nose bones, both no wider than a pencil. This can cause discomfort and, if a horse resists, serious damage to the bone.

The Micklem bridle has become extremely popular with professionals and armatures alike. So much so, that Micklem bridle is approaching sales of 1,000 a week.



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