Polework exercises to improve accuracy


Being an accurate showjumper is arguably one of the most important skills you can develop if you would like to have any sort of success as a showjumper. What baffles me though, is how few people train it. It’s probably the hardest thing to learn how to do well, and yet very few people train it. I’ll tell you who does though, some of the top riders around the world. So if they are doing it, shouldn’t you be as well. This course will get you on your way to becoming really accurate and training your horse to be super rideable.



Polework exercises to improve accuracy.

This is a 5 stage course that uses polework exercises to improve your accuracy. When I say accuracy I mean your ability to see a stride or find a good take-off spot. I recommend that you take your time and slowly work your way through this course. You should be completely comfortable with the stage you are on before moving onto the next stage. The exercises in this course can be done as often as you ride. The more you do them the better you will get at doing them, and intern the more accurate you will be as a showjumper.

These exercises are something you can do for the rest of your career. In fact, I know that many of the top showjumpers in the world regularly use exercises like this to stay sharp and to train their horses.


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