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You know what, you can call me a hopeless romantic, but I just love the Acavallo story. An Italian girl rider and guy rider meet, fall in love, get married, and start a company that just makes the most incredible products. You can almost feel the love… Their products are made with beautiful Italian styling, and the horse’s welfare at heart. I love these tendon boots, and as always, the pure quality we’ve come to expect from Acavallo.



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Why Buy Acavallo Tendon Boots?

Acavallo, the company behind Acavallo tendon boots have, great ethics. They always have the welfare of the horse at heart. This is one of their motto’s: Create products for the welfare and protection of the horse that can help improve the athletic performance of the horse and the rider

Acavallo design all their products using riders as a point of reference. Therefore, they manufacture their product after getting a huge amount of feedback from riders. This ensures that their products ‘work’.

Some key features of this Acavallo tendon boot:

  • The opera tendon boot features a single elastic band. It prevents the boot from slipping and ensures freedom
  • The elastic band is fully adjustable, allowing it to fit well on all horses
  • The patented hook, Eclick, allows you to fasten and unfasten the boot very quickly.
  • The boot has a shock-absorbing gel lining.
  • They use a tough translucent shell for extra protection.
  • The shell is vented to prevent the legs from overheating.

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