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Tips for showjumping as an awesome exercise

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Tips for showjumping
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Tips for showjumping…

Something I think we’re all on the hunt for. Well, these tips for showjumping come in the form of a cool exercise. For me, I think the best tip I could give anybody is to just get out there and spend time in the saddle. Find good, well-thought-out exercises like this, and practice over them. Make them nice and small, and just work your way through them, until you’re feeling comfortable doing them. And then repeat this process on as many horses as you can. There are always people who would like to see their horse jump, but don’t want to jump it themselves. Those are the people to approach. Again keep it really small until you are doing the exercises well. You don’t need to jump big jumps to improve your showjumping.

So this exercise starts off with a simple little gymnastic, and immediately flows into a nice testing little track. The track has a little bit of everything in it and would be good for preparation for a show. Which is what I used it for. Or just a nice track to practice at home on.


Jump 1
Ok, so you start off by setting up the gymnastic diagonally across your arena. The measurements are as follows. 3 paces for the bounce and 6 and a half paces from the last bounce to the oxer.
Jump 2
Then for a turnback, you set up a vertical at an angle.
Jump 3
Next 23 paces away, on a curve, you set up an oxer, for a 5 stride related distance on a curve. I measured mine at 24 paces, but because you come off a tight turnback it rode a little bit too long, so 23 paces would have been the better measurement.
Jump 4
And then it’s a straight run on five strides to this vertical. You measure it out at a standard 24 paces.
Jump 5
And then it’s all the way around to this one stride double combination, starting with an oxer and ending with a vertical. It walks a standard 8 paces.
Jump 5 and 6
Finally, you set up this four stride line, oxer to vertical. I walks 20 paces.

Tips for showjumping

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