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Show jumping tips – excellent show prep

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Show jumping tips
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Show jumping tips

Show jumping tips to become a better showjumper. That usually involves doing the correct training at the correct time. There’s a time for gymnastics and exercises, and there’s a time to jump a track. Before you go to a show is often a good time to jump a little track.

This is a great little track to do as show preparation. It’s packed with all the tricky little challenges a course designer might throw at you. So in a nutshell, if you’re going around this track well, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll have a good show.

So this video has some excellent showjumping tips. I give you detailed instructions on how to set this track up. I also show you how to ride it. And at the end, I explain to you the pressure points you may encounter. As well as how best to ride successfully through them.


Jump 1
Ok so about a third of the way across your arena and about a third of the way down your arena you set up an oxer at an angle like this.
Jump 2
Then 24 paces away on a curve you set up an upright, for a 5 stride curving related distance.
Jump 3 Then on a tight rollback you set up a Liverpool like this. A Liverpool is a slightly easier jump to attack off a tight turn, but If you’re feeling brave, you can make this an oxer.
Jump 4
Then it’s around jump number 2, and next to jump number 1 at a slight angle you set up another vertical like so.
Jump 5
Then 28 paces away on a curve you set up an oxer, like this, for a 6 stride related distance of a curve.
Jump 6 & 7
Then lastly you set up this line going across your arena like this. Starting with an oxer. Then 16 paces away you set up a vertical for a 3 stride related distance. Then another vertical 12 paces away for a 2 stride combination

Become a better showjumper

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