Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is something you should be certain of. You really need to take particular care in checking that your saddle fits your horse well. An ill-fitting saddle can be extremely uncomfortable for your horse, as well as have a negative impact on his performance. Go through this 5 point checklist to see if there are any problems with the way your saddle fits your horse.

showjumping exercises for horse and rider

Showjumping exercises for horse and rider

Showjumping exercises for horse and rider are not as common as they should be. You more often have an exercise that either improves the rider or the horse. This exercise however works on improving... ...
Showjumping training videos

Showjumping training videos to boost your skills

Showjumping training videos are a great way for you to do the correct training. This is especially relevant if you’re unsure what to train. This video will set you up with a really good... ...
Showjumping exercises

Showjumping exercises that make you a better rider.

Showjumping exercises are one of the best ways to improve your riding. The tricky part is making sure you are doing the correct training. You can be training as hard as anyone else, but... ...

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