Saddle Fitting

Saddle fitting is something you should be certain of. You really need to take particular care in checking that your saddle fits your horse well. An ill-fitting saddle can be extremely uncomfortable for your horse, as well as have a negative impact on his performance. Go through this 5 point checklist to see if there are any problems with the way your saddle fits your horse.

Showjumping training exercises

Showjumping training exercises for after a short break

Showjumping training exercises are always better once you have tried and tested them. When I come up with a good one I always like to share it. So this is one of those good... ...
Show jumping training exercises

Show jumping training exercises for ambitious riders

Show jumping training exercises are really the only way you can improve both your horse and yourself as a rider. It may not always be easy to come up with good ones, so take... ...
Show jumping exercises for young horses

Show jumping exercises for young horses

Show jumping exercises for young horses are essential for the production of all young showjumpers. When producing a young horse it is important that you don’t make the exercises too advanced. However, you also... ...

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