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Line jumping exercise for showjumpers

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line jumping exercise
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Line jumping exercise for you and your horse.

So a line jumping exercise is something you can never really do to much of. As long as there’s an element that will improve your skills as a rider. Too many people set up a gymnastic line and feel like they have accomplished something by trotting the horse into it and ending off with a big jump.

By doing this you are only really working on your horse’s skills, and not improving your own skill as a rider. So I like to include a track or at least a few jumps after the gymnastic so that I can sharpen up my skills as well. This exercise does just that.

Be sure to watch the video. I’ll give you detailed instructions on how to set this line jumping exercise up. I’ll show you how to ride it. And I talk about the pressure point you may encounter and how best to negotiate them.

This is an excellent all-around exercise. Part of it will work on your horse’s jumping technique. The other part is focused on developing a little finesse in riding a precise line to a jump. And sharpen your skills at riding a related distance on a curve well. So it works on the horse and the rider.

So remember, always share your showjumping training ideas, because what goes around, comes around.


Alright, so this is how you set this exercise up:

That’s it, now go saddle up, and give it a try.

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