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Show jumping training exercises for ambitious riders

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Show jumping training exercises
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Show jumping training exercises are really the only way you can improve both your horse and yourself as a rider. It may not always be easy to come up with good ones, so take advantage of mine. They have been tried and tested, and you’ll certainly get the results you’re looking for from them.

This show jumping training exercises consists of a really cool little track. It also incorporates 3 verticals with placing poles into it. That part of the exercise is a little more like a gymnastic, but you ride it as if it was part of your track. And then it ends off with a nice juicy triple bar. I feel we don’t practice them enough at home, and we’re underprepared when we see them at shows.


Number 1.
Ok so you set up a vertical on one side of your arena, it needs to be about a third of the way across your arena. And should be at an angle facing the bottom corner of the arena like so.
Number 2
Then 28 paces away you set up an oxer for a six stride related distance.
Number 3
Then just next to it you set up a vertical at an angle like so.
Number 4
Followed by an oxer 24 paces away on a curve for a 5 stride related distance on a curve.
Number 5
Then you set up three verticals 8 paces apart here. Not too big, more as a gymnastic type exercise. Then you put a placing pole exactly in the middle of the verticals So 4 paces either way.
Number 6
Followed by an oxer at an angle like this right next to the first vertical of the exercise.
Number 7
And lastly, a good old triple bar down the other long side of your arena like so. And that’s it, you’re all set up and ready to rock and roll baby.

Show jumping training exercises

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