Gifts For Horse Riders

Gifts For Horse Riders

Buying gifts for horse riders can be quite tricky, and can be made worse if you don’t ride yourself. So this page is for those boyfriends, fathers, mothers and friends that want to get their loved one something they’d like and use. We have suggested ten fairly low cost items that riders will definitely use. We have also included some info that you will need to find out before you place your order. This will make your choice way more likely to put a big smile on his or her face, and score you huge points. So this is it, the mystery surrounding gifts for horse riders is about to be revealed.

Mark Todd is a legend in the equestrian world, and true to the Kiwi way, all his products are well made, hard wearing and great quality. The bridle generally outlasts the reins, so you often need to replace worn out reins for your perfectly good bridle. This is a really useful gift, because riders don’t often get around to replacing worn out reins. A new pair just breathes new life into your bridle. For this product all you really need to know is, what colour his or her bridle is. Its either black or brown, so you would need to choose the corresponding colour, black or brown reins.

This is quite an easy product to buy. Its one size fits all, so you’re guaranteed to get the size right. You just need to choose the colour, if you click on the product, you will see what colours are available. If in doubt pick a neutral colour, like black. And just to make sure, this is a winter product, so it wont go down that well on a blazing hot summer day. You can however be assured that there is nothing better than something to keep your head and ears warm, when speeding around on a horse, on a cold winters day

ALL showjumpers use a riding crop or jumping bat when they compete. This is a great gift, because you know it’ll be used. Who knows, it may someday get promoted to “the lucky crop”, and that way you’ll also be close to their heart every time they compete. You just need to get the colour right, so maybe drop a few questions like. Do you have a colour scheme for your tack when you compete?  What colour is your jacket? And then choose a jumping bat that’s close to that.

Hey, if you can keep your ladies hands beautiful, and help her jump clear rounds, you’ve just scored a home run. Gloves are really nice to ride in, especially when it’s cold. They are more popular with the ladies, I’m sure for cosmetic reasons, although I haven’t ever asked. You just need to get the right size. Black is also slightly more popular. Here is a link to help you find out what size to get.

Riding is an outdoor sport, and your skin can take a bit of a beating. Caps are common place amongst all riders, to try to take cover from the sun. Not only are they a good sun shield, but “helmet hair” is real amongst the ladies, and a cap can be an excellent remedy for that.  As with all sports, people like to support their favorite brands, and Ariat is right up there with some of the most loved equestrian brands.

Unlike most normal people, riders wear their sock over their pants. So you can’t really get away with wearing dodgy socks, especially to a horse show. So don’t feel bad about buying socks as a gift, because riders value nice socks more you would think they would. A good pair of sock as a gift, always puts a smile on my face.

If the person you’re buying this gift for doesn’t use leg wraps, they really should. They’re great to help the horse’s legs from swelling up after a day’s jumping. This will help prevent general wear and tear in their legs caused by showjumping, and any other hard work they do. And if you’re the person that foots the vet bills, you may just want to get two sets of these. They’re one size fits all, you just need to choose the colour.

Tendon and fetlock boots are something that you usually need to replace about once a year. That fact makes them a great gift, because whoever you’re buying these for, will at worst, need them quite soon. Horze is a fantastic brand, and is well known globally as being well made, and well priced. This is a great price for a full set of front and back boot. They are perfect for your day to day use, but can also be used for competing. You need to find out whether the horses size is Full, Horse, Cob or a pony, and you should be good to go.

As I previously mentioned, showjumpers almost always jump with a riding crop, or as they are more commonly known today as jumping bats. This is something that he or she will definitely use, but this is a really nice one. Get her this one if you’ve done something really bad, or really have to get into her good books. As they say “You’ll know you have a fleck in your hand, when you have a fleck in your hand”. They only come in black, so you don’t need to ask her any suspicious questions before you buy it. You’ll be able to fly under the radar, and surprise her with a really nice gift.

Sunny days, helmet hair and fashion have made caps common place around the stables, or at horse shows. Horseware is one of the most loved brands in the equestrian world. Probably because they’re Irish, and let’s face it, we’re all suckers for an Irish accent. More seriously, Horseware make excellent quality products, and these caps are no different. You should be able to choose the colour without asking the person you’re buying it for any strange questions.