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Uvex Elexxion Plus Riding Helmet


For those of you that don’t already know, Uvex is a German company, and they happen to be one of the biggest skiing and cycling helmet manufacturers in the world. I don’t know about you, but I generally put a lot of faith in products that are manufactured by Germans. They just seem to be perfectionists, and always make sure that whatever they manufacture, is of the highest quality. So to have Uvex making riding helmets just makes sense, and why wouldn’t it, Germany is one of the most passionate and successful equestrian nations in the world.

The Uvex Elexxion Plus riding helmet fits in comfortably with the best riding helmets on the market. It is as light as a feather, so you really don’t mind wearing it all day. Its sporty good looks, make it suitable for everyday use, as well as competition riding. It has all the safety qualities of any other top-quality helmet manufactures. It is fully adjustable in both width and height, and in an instant, the helmet can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly. It has a super easy-to-use clip on the chin strap and can be adjusted with one hand. Just press the button. The chin strap always sits perfectly. This is an excellent helmet, and I highly recommend getting one. Vorsprung durch Technik





What is the technology behind the safety of the Uvex ELEXXION PLUS Riding Helmet?

Manufactures foam protective EPS material directly into the polycarbonate shell of the Uvex Elexxion Plus Riding Helmet. It creates a lightweight riding helmet, with high impact resistance. A perfect fusion of polycarbonate outer shell and EPS inner layer.

Do uvex riding helmets come with a guarantee?

Uvex manufactures all their riding helmets to the highest quality standards. The strict in-house inspections often exceed any legal requirements.

Despite these precautions, if your riding helmet still has a defect, please return it to the dealer you bought it from. Then you can proceed with your warranty claim.

(legal warranty period as of 2009: 2 years)

How often should I replace my Uvex Elexxion Plus Riding Helmet?

All the parts of your riding helmet are subject to aging,

  • Depending on handling
  • Maintenance
  • Degree of wear, which depends on the intensity of use
  • Specific conditions of use.

So generally speaking, how you look after, and how much you use your riding helmet, will subsequently depend on how soon after purchase you need to replace your helmet.

Under perfect storage conditions (cool, dry, protected from daylight, no contact with chemicals, no mechanical crushing, pressure, or stress) and without use, the maximum lifetime is 8 years after the date of production.
So as a rule; you should not exceed this lifespan, even if the product is in a visually good condition. However, for safety reasons, Uvex recommends that you replace your riding helmet 3-5 years after initial use.

You can find the date of manufacture inside the helmet.

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