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Troxel Liberty Low Profile Helmet


Let’s face it, horse riding is a dangerous sport. I know of one person that has died in a riding accident, and another that has spent a few months in a coma, all because they weren’t wearing a helmet. It’s the part of our body that needs the most protection, and to state the obvious, it’s a part we can’t do without. Now I don’t write this to be somber, especially with the standard of riding helmets on the market today. They all need to pass stringent safety regulations, and I would go as far as saying that all helmets on the market today should provide adequate protection. Having said that, I definitely have my favorites.




Why use Troxel Helmets?

Troxel helmets have been around since 1898 and have supplied over three million helmets to the riding community worldwide. The Troxel Liberty Low Profile helmet is what I use for the day to day grind. I know I’m safe, and it’s just so comfortable, you’re more than happy to wear it for several hours a day. It’s really well ventilated, so you don’t sweat like Pavarotti on a treadmill. The helmet is super light, so you hardly know that you’re wearing it. It has little tabs on the inside that you can fold, or unfold, for more or less padding.

There’s a dial at the back that you can turn to tighten, or loosen the fit, so they pretty much fit like a glove. The headliner comes out, so you can put it through the wash, which I haven’t done for an embarrassingly long time. All in all, the Troxel Liberty Low Profile top helmet, and you won’t be disappointed if you buy one.

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