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Show jumping training techniques for smooth related distances

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Show jumping training techniques
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Show jumping training techniques by Clear-Round

Show jumping training techniques can be used to improve your horse and your riding in so many different ways. Today’s training technique is to train your horse to travel smoothly through a related distance. There are four related distances in this exercise, some straight and some on a curve.

Ease your way into it.

The first line with the placing poles is the part of the exercise that really teaches your horse to stride evenly through the related distance. I would recommend you do this a few times before doing the track. So if you jump your horse twice a week, the first jump just do this line a few times. This will give your horse the opportunity to absorb the exercise, before doing the rest.

Try another variation

I have done another variation of this exercise, so you can also check that video out. I may also be very helpful to you as well. Related distance with placing poles. Feel free to browse our YouTube channel. You’ll find dozens more videos like this that give you, even more, show jumping training techniques.

Pressure Points

Be sure to watch the pressure points of the video above. It will just give you a little heads up as to where you may run into trouble. Don’t worry I also tell you what you can do to avoid it as well.

Show jumping training

Some of our latest exercises:

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So that’s our showjumping training tips for this week. You are also most welcome to join our Facebook group. We are a group of like-minded showjumpers from around the world. We all want to become the best showjumpers we can be. You can post videos and get feedback from the other riders, including myself. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP

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