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Professional Choice Ice Boots


Professional Choice Ice Boots are an all in one ice boot, by that I mean, the frozen gel pockets are part of the boot, which makes it quick and easy to freeze and put on. The boots have a neoprene exterior, which acts as insulation, so the gel pockets stay cold for really long, so you can get a nice long treatment, which is ideal. They fit really well, they covr a large part of the horses leg, and are great value for money.
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Why Professional Choice Ice Boots?

Ice therapy plays a crucial part in my horse’s maintenance program. I use Professional Choice ice boots on my horses every single time they jump. On problematic horses, I’ll go as far as using them twice a day. When competing at long shows, my horses will have as many as 3 ice boot sessions.

Ice therapy is a fantastic way to get any inflammation out of their legs. Just like any athlete, about an hour after they have worked, their blood starts to settle into the areas they have worked the hardest. Ice therapy just gets rid of that inflammation, and can literally preserve their legs, and extend their careers by several years

Ice therapy also helps speed up recovery to injuries. I use ice therapy on horses that have hurt a joint or have injured a tendon or ligament as well. By using my ice boots in the morning and evening, I have found that you can drastically speed up the recovery time to those types of injuries

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