Herm Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip Anthracite Spurs



Herm Sprenger Spurs are usually very traditional in their appearance, but these babies look super cool. I love the black, or as they call it ‘anthracite’, look to them. Then the rubber coating just adds a bit more to the ‘I want a pair’ factor. The rubber coating just makes them more comfortable, keeps them from sliding up and down, and also protects your boots.

As far as quality is concerned, you’re very unlikely to get better than Herm Sprenger Spurs. This extra grip, ultra-fit, Anthracite spurs are no different. They are really versatile and could be used on most types of horses. Definitely worth adding to your spur collection, you know they’ll last, and you’ll get good use out of them because they can be used on most horses.




Why Buy Herm Sprenger Spurs?

Herm Sprenger Spurs was founded in 1972. Sprenger currently manufactures bits, spurs, and stirrup irons for the equestrian community worldwide. To this day, Sprenger remains a family-owned business, with some 160 employees. The fourth generation of the original founder, Hermann Sprenger, currently runs the company. The manufacturers in Iserlohn mark all their products with the HS logo – so you can be certain of the “made in Germany” label.

These are some of the key selling points of the Herm Sprenger Anthracite Spurs

  • Sprenger uses stainless steel to manufacture their spurs. Therefore they guarantee them against breakage.
  • Sprenger, in cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol, developed the fastening buckle; which provides a better fit and attractive look. This also helps the spur fit perfectly to your riding boot.
  • This unique fit and design eliminate pressure and movement; thus providing correct spur performance and protection of the boot leather.


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