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Gymnastics for horses


Doing the correct gymnastics regularly can turn an average horse into a good horse. Now in my heart, all horses are good, but that statement refers to showjumping potential and ability. Of course, there are also many other factors at play, but the fact remains you can vastly improve your horses ability through the correct training. And when you think of the amounts of money horses go for these days, $19.99 is absolutely nothing to pay to potentially upgrade your horse.


Gymnastics for horses that will improve jumping technique, agility, and scope.

Heeey what’s up my fellow showjumping amigos. So I’m sure you have your handful of tried and tested gymnastics that you know you can always go to and get a good result from. Isn’t it time to get a few fresh ideas though? I’m convinced that out of these 10 you’ll find at least a few to add to your list of favorites. After all, as a showjumper, you should always be trying to add to your existing knowledge.

You can keep them on your phone, and watch them in the arena to help you set them up and show you how to ride them. Come on… you gotta love modern technology for that.


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