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Showjumping training exercises for after a short break

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showjumping training exercises
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Showjumping training exercises are always better once you have tried and tested them. When I come up with a good one I always like to share it. So this is one of those good ones that I’m going to share.

This is a cool first jump of the year exercise or first jump after a little break. It’s not too complicated but it has enough in it to get you and your horse, back into the swing of things.

There a plenty more showjumping training exercises on this website. So feel free to browse through them and pick out the ones you like.

So this is a nice easy setup and it goes as follows. You set up these four bounces down the one long side of your arena. They’re all 3 paces apart. You want to try to get the first bounce somewhere close to the middle of the long side.

You then set up the little gymnastic down the other long side of your arena. Take care to leave enough space to get to this related distance as well.

So the setup for the gymnastic is as follows. It’s three paces between the three bounces. Then it’s seven paces to the vertical which is one short stride. And fifteen paces to the oxer, which is three short strides.

And lastly, you set up this related distance diagonally across the arena, starting with a vertical to an oxer nineteen paces apart for four short strides. Just a little heads up in case you didn’t notice all the related distances are a pace short, so they will ride that way as well.

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