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Showjumping tips to train jumping a course well

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showjumping tips
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Showjumping tips to jump a course well…

  1. The first tip I would give you, is to make sure you’re practicing over a well-designed course. A poorly designed course can be problematic for even the most experience rider.
  2. The second tip would be to jump it a few times smaller than you usually jump until you are comfortable riding it. Only then put it up to your usual height.
  3. The third tip would be to look at your next jump as soon as possible. Once you have locked onto the next jump, don’t take your eyes of it… You want to give yourself as much time as possible to find your takeoff spot.
  4. Try keep a forward rhythm around your tight turns. It’s easy to get bogged down here. If you do there a good chance you’ll get too deep to the upcoming jump.
  5.  Do nice wide turns to allow yourself to get nice and straight to your jump. Jumping a jump at an angle can bring a whole host of problems while jumping a course.

So this is a really cool little track if you feel you need to be jumping more tracks at home. It’s also good if you want something to put up as preparation for a show. It’s not super technical, but there’s enough in it to give you and your horse a good jump.

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Showjumping tips

Ok, so you start off with number 1 an oxer about halfway up your arena at an angle like so. Not too close to the side of your arena, bearing in mind you need to approach it from this side. Then 28 paces away on a curve you set up the vertical at number 2. This is a six stride related distance on a curve.

Then you set up an oxer at number 3. At an angle, about a third of the way across your arena. Then 16 paces away for a three stride related distance you set up a double of uprights at number 4. It’s a one-stride combination so it walks 8 paces.

Then close to the corner, on this long side of your arena, you set up the oxer at number 5. Then 32 paces away for a seven stride related distance you set up the vertical at number 6. And lastly, you set up another vertical at number 7. So that you can approach it coming through the combination. And that’s it.. you’re all set up and ready to go.

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