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Showjumping schooling to improve horse and rider

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Showjumping schooling
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Showjumping schooling is the best way to train your horse and yourself. It takes a lot of training to be able to cope with the rigors of showjumping. Your horse needs to be physically prepared as well as obedient and skilled. You need to be able to guide your horse smoothly around the track, finding a good takeoff spot at each jump. This can only be achieved through hours of showjumping schooling.

This exercise starts off with a handy little gymnastic that leads onto quite a testing line. This is followed by a short ride to a double combination. It can feel like it comes at you quite quickly, so build it small until you get a good feel for it. Then go up to your normal jumping height.

Ok, so you start off by setting up this little gymnastic down the one long side of your arena. Try aim at getting the first jump somewhere close to the middle of your arena. So the measurements for the gymnastic are as follows. From the vertical to the first bounce is 7 paces. Then it’s 3 paces for the bounce, and then another 7 paces from the last bounce to the oxer.

You then set up an oxer close to the top corner at an angle, and 20 paces away you set up a vertical for a 4-stride related distance. Then on a curve 24 paces away, you set up another oxer to complete the line on a five-stride related distance on a curve.

And lastly, down the other long side of your arena you set up a one stride double combination, starting off with a vertical then 8 paces away you end off with an oxer. And that’s it you’re all set up ready to go.

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