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Show jumping training courses that ride beautifully

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Show jumping training courses
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Show jumping training courses that improve you and your horse

Show jumping training courses aren’t always easy to come up with, especially if you haven’t done that many of them. I have literally done thousands, so feel free to take advantage of my knowledge and experience. All my courses come with detailed setup instructions, a demonstration on how to ride them as well as a little heads up on what pressure points you may encounter when you ride them.

Lines, lines, and more lines… the best way to get really good at your related distances. This exercise starts off with a little line, with placing poles, which will help your horse travel smoothly, with a nice even stride through a related distance. It then goes onto 3 related distances. Two on a curve and one just your regular straight related distance.


Ok so the setup of this show jumping training courses is as follows:

Jump 1
First, you set up this line down the one long side of your arena. And these are the measurements. The first two jumps are two tall crosses. They’re 3 paces apart, so they’re a bounce. Then 10 and a half paces from the last bounce you set up an oxer. This rides 2 strides. Followed by a vertical 14 paces away from the oxer. And this rides 3 strides. And finally, the placing poles are all 3.5 paces apart.
Jump 2 & 6
Then on the other long side of your arena, you set up an oxer like this.
Jump 3
Followed by a double combination 24 paces away on a curve, for a 5 stride related distance. The combination starts with a vertical and then 8 paces away you build an oxer.
Jump 4 and 7
After that, you set up this vertical 32 paces away from the first oxer (Jump 2 & 6). For a 7 stride related distance.
Jump 5
And finally, 28 paces away from the vertical you just set up (Jump 4 and 7), on a curve, you set up this oxer. For a 6 stride related distance on a curve.

Show jumping training courses

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