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You know, we ask a lot of our horses, and I feel it is our duty as horsemen and woman to repay their kindness and willingness in every way possible. If the bit in your horses my is causing it pain, then you definitely need to be getting it out of his mouth and putting a bit like this in it. Horses don’t wake up and decide to give their riders a hard time. If the horse you are riding is in fact making your life difficult, there is every likelihood that it’s because he is in pain, and trying to tell you that, in the only way he knows how. This is a bit that I think every rider should have in their bit collection. It will get used, and your horse will be thankful for it.



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Why WTP Bits?

WTP Bits are fantastically well designed and thought out bits. WTP designed their bits to prevent the discomforts caused by some traditional bits. Therefore this is an extremely kind bit that functions beautifully. Many of the so called behaviour problems horses exhibit, are due to them being in pain. Remove the pain, and the bad behaviour goes away.

These are the ways WTP Bits eliminate discomfort caused by traditional bits.

  • The joint arms don’t hinge upward or downward, preventing pain to the roof of the mouth, the tongue and the bars of the jaw.
  • The bit arms have limited travel to prevent outer ring pressure, and pain to the lips and cheeks.
  • The low profile gear casing in the middle of the bit prevents roof rubbing. This flat plate prevents bit pinching, and reduces bit pressure by 85%.

If you have a horse that is exhibiting ‘bad behaviour’, there is as very good chance that he is in pain. This bit may just be the answer to your problems.

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