Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Professional


So these are my show tendon boots of choice. They look so comfortable you almost want to put them on yourself. Although they look like they are lined with sheepskin, Veredus has a new ‘Save The Sheep’ initiative, where they don’t use any animal derivatives on these boots. The ‘sheepskin’ is actually a man-made fabric, so it’s 100% cruelty-free.
There are advantages to this fabric, and they are as follows:
• They can be washed easily, and they also dry quickly.
• They use a loose, soft wide knit, so trapped sand comes out easily.
• It creates a more comfortable fit than natural lambskin.
• The fabric does not mat or get stiff
After a show, I generally just rinse them in a bucket of warm water, leave them to dry, and once they are dry go over them with a brush to fluff them up again, and they good as new, and ready for my next show.
They have ventilation around the fetlock area and down the tendon, so it keeps the leg nice and cool, which according to veterinary studies helps prevent injuries. The strike plate is made of Carbon Nitrexgel, which is extremely hard stuff and offers your horse more than adequate protection. To end this review, I’d have to say, if I was a horse, I’d choose these boots.




Veredus Tendon Boot – Carbon Gel Vento

Why Veredus Tendon boots?

Veredus tendon boots are the tendon boot of choice for a large percentage of professional riders around the world. Riders like Scott Brash, Bertram Allen, Marcus Ehning, Steve Guerdat, Ben Maher, Michael Whitaker, and Lauren Hough, to name just a few, all use Veredus Tendon boots. Every rider wants the best protection available for his/her horse, as a result, Veredus won the trust of these champions

About Veredus

The founders established Veredus in 1989, in one of the most dynamic manufacturing districts in Italy. The company philosophy is grounded in the respect of natural traditions, combined with modern research and knowledge.

Veredus’s way of designing was born from a passion for details, and the desire to bring too equestrian sports, the perfect combination of style and performance

Veredus designs, tests, and manufacture for some of the top riders in the world.

Save the sheep initiative

Save the Sheep, the new line in techno sheepskin is cruelty-free. The lining is a “man-made” fabric, which is free from any animal derivatives.

The techno sheepskin offers numerous advantages:

  • You can wash Techno sheepskin easily and it dries easily, in contrast, real lambskin requires considerable and lengthy maintenance;
  • Any trapped sand comes out of the loose soft wide knit easily, minimizing the risk of  leg abrasions;
  • Techno sheepskin is more comfortable, and has a cozier fit than natural lambskin;
  • Techno sheepskin stays looking good for longer, while real lambskin tends to dry out and become stiff and also tends to turn yellow.

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