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This may surprise you, but the Happy Mouth Elevator Bit is one of my favourite bits. It has a nice soft mouth piece.  I’m not a fan of sharp bits at all. The flexible bar prevents ‘roof rubbing’ or tongue pinching,  because it doesn’t break right over like a jointed bit does. Then you have the gag action that helps get your horse into a good frame, which improves the quality of your canter, which then improves the quality of your jump. The soft mouth gives your horse the confidence to take you to the jump, but you don’t lose the control and adjustability because you have the gag to back you up. I often use a nylon spur strap as a curb, which gives you a bit more control if you are riding a strong horse. You can adjust the tightness of the curb strap, so you can tweak the bit to exactly the way you like it. This is such an underrated bit, but I highly recommend it.



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Why buy a Happy Mouth Elevator Bit?

The happy Mouth Elevator bit, or often referred to as a continental, has a gag action that is well suited to showjumping. The elevator type of bit helps ‘put the horse on his hocks’, which showjumpers need to do, to produce a high quality jump.

This particular happy mouth elevator bit has a shaped ‘mullen mouth’.  This is also commonly called a bar or a Pessoa mouth piece, which is what Happy Mouth call it. The mouth piece is made of space age polymer that is apple scented. This encourages the horse to accept the bit. The plastic then provides the horse with a more gentle experience than steel. The mouth piece is also not rigid, but slightly flexible, which makes it a bit kinder. With this mouth piece you wont get any roof rub or pinching of the tongue either.

The gag action, puts pressure on the pol, which encourages the horse to work in a rounder frame, but will also keep the head slightly elevated. This will help produce a good quality canter for your showjumper. The bit will also give you enough control to adjust your horses canter stride.

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