eQuick eShock Fluid Gel Jumping Tendon Boots


Just LOOK at these boots. How can you not love them? I would have to say these Italian made boots must be some of the nicest on the market at the moment. Their patented eFluidgel technology, which is the blue bubble with compressed air and gel in it, at the back, greatly increases their capacity to absorb shock caused by a hoof strike, or any other impact the horses leg may suffer. These boots have been shaped to actually wrap around the tendon, which obviously make them more comfortable and provides better protection.

The outer shell is made of TPU, which is a hybrid material made from hard plastic and smooth rubber, it’s a very dense smooth material, that is extremely durable. There’s a nice soft neoprene inner lining which make them comfortable and easy to clean. There are only two fastening points and elastic straps, so they’re easy to put on, and easy to adjust. Top quality!! You want the best for your horse? Buy these, you won’t regret it.




Why use eQuick Boots?

They manufacture eQuick boots using high-quality materials, making them reliable and durable.

eQuick boots stand out because of their patented eFluidgel technology; which is the special bubble in the shell. This greatly reduces the impact the horse’s leg could suffer; due to the air and gel compressed in the shell. This technology improves the boot’s ability to absorb shock.

They shape the anatomically to wrap around the tendon; thus they provide protection from injuries while ensuring comfort.

The outer shell of the boot is reinforced with TPU, while the inside has a soft neoprene lining.

The washable Lycra edges prevent sores caused by chaffing.

All their boots have two fastening points, and elastic straps, to ensure comfort and easy adjustment.

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