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Jumping exercises for horses

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Jumping exercises for horses
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Jumping exercises for horses. This is one of many by Clear-Round.

So if you’re looking for jumping exercises for horses, then you’ve come to the right place. At the time I did this post we had over twenty-five different showjumping exercises. We do one a week, so there is no saying how many there are now. You have full access to all of them to use and to train over. If this one doesn’t suit you, just browse through our website to find one that does.

All about this jumping exercise.

Ok, so I know of a few people that just the thought of a related distance to a combination sends a shiver up their spine. So this exercise is for any of you that feel the same way. It’s also great practice for those that aren’t too bothered by it. They’re important to practice so you feel comfortable with them because there’s not a lot of room for error. And they appear a lot at shows these days.

The video below will give you detailed instructions on how to set this exercise up. It will also show you how to ride it. And give you a heads up on where you may run into difficulties and how to remedy them.

How to set up this jumping exercises for horses.

Jump 1 and 2
Ok, so you start off by setting up this line down one long side of your arena. The line will give you a nice easy ride to the combination to start off with, just to get your confidence up. So these are the measurements. It’s three paces between the two cavalettis for a bounce. And seven paces from the last cavaletti to the vertical for one stride. Then is a nice easy four strides to the combination. It’s 19 paces from the vertical to the combination. Then the combination which is an oxer to a vertical is 8 paces for the one stride.

Jump 3
Then you set up this oxer which is a nice way to change rein through the arena. Keep in mind that you need to ride a path through the first line.

Jump 4
Followed by a vertical at an angle like this. It needs to be 28 paces on a curve away from the first combination. For a 6 stride related distance on a curve.

Jump 5 and 6
Finally down the other long side of your arena, you set up this line. Oxer to a double of verticals. And these are the measurements. It’s 4 strides from the oxer to the first vertical of the combination, so it walks 20 paces. And then it’s a two-stride combination, so it walks 12 paces.

And that’s it you’re all set up and ready to go.

jumping exercises for horses

Some of our latest exercises:

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