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Equine sports massage therapy and its benefits.

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Equine sports massage therapy

equine massage

Equine sports massage therapy is a topic that’s extremely close to my heart. I feel that our horses give us so much, and it’s our duty to make sure that they are not in pain or uncomfortable when we are asking them to do their jobs. So I strongly urge you, the same way you budget in for the farrier every month, you should budget in for an equine massage, chiro, masseuse, or acupuncturist. You will soon realize what works best for your horse, but you can rotate them as well. Your horse will your horse perform better at shows. And will be less likely to encounter any behavioral problems that very often stem from your horse being in pain.

So which do you choose? Well, my first port of call would be the chiro. The reason being is if your horse has something out, the physio will very often be treating the symptoms of that. So you will continually be paying the physio to treat the symptoms of something the chiro could sort out in one treatment. Then move on to the physio, equine massage, and other types of bodyworkers. However, get the chiro back every few months just to make sure everything is still in order.

Now, this has become quite a big industry, so obviously you will get your good practitioners, and your not-so-good practitioners. So ask around, and use the ones that come highly recommended. At the end of the day, your horse will tell you who he likes and who he doesn’t like. Usually by the way he performs. Not always by who he’s happy to see. Some treatments can be a bit uncomfortable, like human physios, but make your horse feel so much better. Your horse doesn’t always associate the treatment with the reason he feels better.


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