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Stirrups have evolved to the extent that they are almost unrecognizable when compared to the bulky heavy steel stirrups with the rubber insert used for the grip of yesteryear. These Siena tech stirrups are on the cutting edge as far as design and material are concerned. What else would you expect, considering they are manufactured by an Italian company? I love the fact that they are made from aluminum, which makes them really lightweight, which I’m sure your horse will appreciate. Every little bit helps, right?

There is a really ‘aggressive’ tread, which provides a nice non-slip surface for your boot.

The grip was specifically studied for the jumping and the cross-country disciplines: it ensures the maximum wet and dry adhesion, and its 2,5° inclination helps keep heels down.

You can easily replace the pad in case of need.

The stirrup leather slot has been made in such a way, that should you lose a stirrup, it remains in such a way, that you can easily find it again. We all know how hair-raising it can be to lose your stirrup while jumping a track; it’s always great to be able to find it again quickly.



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Why Siena Jumping Stirrups, by Tech Stirrups?

Here are some of the best features of this great product by Tech Stirrups

  • The Siena Jumping stirrups feature an aggressive tread, so they grip your boot soles to prevent slipping and promote a solid leg position
  • The stirrup leather eyes are strategically placed, which increases the rider’s comfort, and allows for easier stirrup recovery
  • Tech Stirrups treat the treads with a nano-ceramic coating that prevents the accumulation of mud and water
  • They feature a 4-degree angle incline on the tread, which promotes a great leg position for jumping and helps keep maximum contact of your foot on the stirrup.
  • These stirrup irons combine fine Italian craftsmanship with a technologically advanced design
  • They come in 8 flashy colours and their trendy design allows you to give a little pop to your look

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