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Stubben Soft Touch Spurs



So out of all the spurs available on the market that I know of, I’d choose these. As a matter of fact, I already have. These are my spurs. I use these spurs every day, on every single horse I ride; regardless of whether they’re hot or lazy. I use these spurs no matter if I’m riding at home, or at shows. Now I know that sounds like quite a statement, but let me explain why.

The little roller ball on the point of the spur allows you to be as soft as you like. The rounded ball can gently roll up and down its sides with zero friction; allowing your leg to be as light as a fairies footstep. On the other hand, however; if you’re riding a bit of a loafer, you can really use your leg as hard as you need to, and their sides never chafe. The rubber sides also prevent them from moving up and down your boot. I love these spurs, and can’t recommend them enough.




Why use Stubben Soft Touch Spurs?

Stubben, the company that manufactures Stubben Soft Touch Spurs, would have to be considered one of the biggest and best equestrian brands in the world today. Stubben is a family-owned business that has been running for more than 120 years. Back in 1894, the success story of Stubben began in Krefeld, Germany. Today, the fourth and fifth generations of the Stubben family manage the company,  and their high-quality equestrian products are being sold on all five continents and in more than 50 countries.

The following are a few of the excellent features Stubben Soft Touch Spurs have  to offer:

  • The rollerball on the rowel makes these spurs one of the kindest on the market today
  • The horse’s sides don’t chafe, even if you use an extensive amount of leg.
  • Stubben uses flexible stainless steel when manufacturing the spurs, which allows the user to form the spur to their individual size, and also makes them very hard-wearing.
  • The rubber coating around the spurs keeps them in place and offers protection to the rider’s boots

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