Shires Performance Supafleece Jump Saddlecloth


Saddle pads are crucial to your horse’s comfort, and can certainly help with the fit of your saddle. Your horse’s comfort under the saddle is a key factor to his performance and well-being. Many riders do not pay enough attention to this, which can lead to a sore back, and can manifest itself as poor performance, and even behavioral problems. A well-fitting saddle is essential folks, and the correct saddle pad plays a huge part in this.




Why use a saddle pad by Shires Equestrian?

First off, you can’t say too much about Shires Equestrian as an equestrian brand. All their products are top quality, and you can always feel confident that what you are buying, will last long, fit well, and be great value for money. The Shires Performance Supafleece Jump Saddlecloth is no different.

This saddle pad is suited for a well-fitted saddle. By that I mean there is no extra padding to compensate for any shortfalls in your saddle fit, it does however have a supper absorbent underside for added comfort. I really love the way this saddle pad is cut. It doesn’t have the usual straight cut on top but is cut to more accurately match the contours of a horse’s back. This obviously makes it much more comfortable. It is also cut back in front which will match the line of your saddle. I think it just has a really sleek, stylish look about it. I love them and highly recommend them.

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