Shires Riding Crop – Jumping Bat


Unless you are riding Satan incarnated as a horse, for a showjumper, 99% of the time you use a crop, is just a little tap on the neck for encouragement. This Shires Topaz Jumping Bat is perfect for that. It has a golf grip. Whoever thought of that needs a huge pat on the back, because I think they’re the best handles for crops. They’re nice and short, so you can quickly and easily give the previously mentioned tap on the neck. They have a nice big leather keeper, to accentuate the previously mentioned tap on the neck. And they come in four cool colours to brighten up your day.

This is just a great little jumping bat, going for an excellent price. Would you expect any different from Shires?




Why Shires Riding Crop – Jumping Bat?

Shires, the manufacturer of this riding crop, or jumping bat as they are more commonly know these days, have been in business for over 40 years. That’s a long time, and in that time, they have become recognized as a global brand. Their products are renowned to be of excellent quality, coupled with great value for money. They are known to be the rider’s brand. As humble as that statement may sound, they also hold a Royal Warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen with equine equipment, clothing and footwear since 2009. So no shortage of quality there.

Features of the Shires Topaz Jumping Bat – Riding Crop:

  • Rubberised golf grip handle
  • A coloured threaded steam
  • A leather keeper

This is a great riding crop, perfect for show jumping, but you can also be use it for other disciplines or daily riding.

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