Shires Lightweight Stirrups


Stirrups, these days, can tend to be quite costly; this could very well have to do with the type of materials used to make them. You certainly don’t have to go that route though, if your budget doesn’t allow you to do so. These Shires lightweight stirrups irons with interchangeable treads are a perfect example of that. They are just as strong as any other stirrup I know of, and I’d go as far as saying, that your stirrup leather is more likely to break before the stirrup iron.

They come with two different types of screw in treads. One is rubber for everyday use, and the second is a ‘cheese grater’ tread, for superior grip. I like to use the ‘cheese grater’ tread, because your foot sticks to the stirrup iron like its part of your foot. You get excellent grip, which greatly reduces your chance of losing a stirrup while jumping a track. And as far as I can tell, that’s pretty much all you need from a stirrup iron. As always with Shires Equestrian you get top quality and great value for money. These come highly recommended.



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Why use a  Shires Lightweight Stirrups?

First off, you can’t say too much about Shires Equestrian as an equestrian brand. All their products are top quality, and you can always feel confident that what you are buying, will last long,  and be great value for money. Their lightweight stirrups are no different.

  • Their lightweight construction puts them in the same category as all other lightweight stirrup irons used by top international show jumpers around the world today.
  • The manufacturers use a durable plastic material to make the stirrup irons; therefore they provide strength without the added weight of a traditional metal stirrup.
  • They come with two interchangeable treads, one rubber and the other a metal ‘cheese grater’ type tread. You can use the rubber tread for everyday use; while the metal tread can be used if you prefer extra grip.

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