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These are excellent for horses that have sensitive backs, or back issues like kissing spine. They go between your numnuh and saddle. The gel sticks to the leather of your saddle, so once they’re in place they don’t move around. Always make sure that you have enough space to add extra padding under your saddle, or else your saddle fit can become too tight. It’s like wearing two pairs of socks, with an already well fitting pair of shoes. Aside from that, it is always a good idea to make your saddle fit more comfortably, and these gel pads can certainly do that.



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Why buy a Shires Gel Pad?

The Shires Gel Pad, or saddle pads in general, can be very useful to make a well fitting saddle fit even better. The gel used by Shires is non slip, which is extremely helpful because it keeps it in place. Saddle pads often slip out of place, which can result in the saddle fit becoming more uncomfortable than comfortable.  The shock absorbing properties of the gel make this saddle pad exceptionally popular with showjumpers and eventers.

You simply place the Shires gel pad between the numnah and saddle for the best results. The gel pad is perforated, which helps with airflow, which intern doesn’t overheat your hoses back. This is a great product for horses with sensitive backs. It is advised that you check with you’re your saddle fitter whether it’s a good idea, and won’t interfere with your saddle fit.

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