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Roeckl Malia Riding Gloves


$56.50 including shipping to USA. That’s an incredible price!!! I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t find anything near that price. Get in while stocks last.

Roeckl have been making gloves since 1839, that’s no mean feat, you have to be doing something right to be in business for well over a 100 years. Top German Show jumper Daniel Deusser obviously agrees, as Roeckl is his glove of choice, among many other top international riders.
The Roeckl Malia is one of their top selling gloves, and why wouldn’t it be, its classy, elegant and functional as well. The backhand is made of very fancy material, that we don’t need to know the names of, but what we do need to know is that its, lightweight yet robust, and allows the hands to breathe and keeps them cool and dry. It has silicone grip, so you get a really nice grip on the reins, and feel on your horse’s mouth. But the most important feature is its TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE!!!
So you don’t need to take your gloves off to answer your phone. Yes I knew you’d like that.





Roeckl is a mid sized family run business, but despite this, they manufacture roeckl riding gloves that are literally known globally.

Roeckl has stood for quality, perfection and innovation for six generations. They emphatically live up to their motto: “Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good”

ROECKL are proud to present the MALIA. The Malia boasts class, elegance and functionality, while the new fastener with our logo really catches your eye.

Lycra Revolutional and Micro Mesh make up the backhand of the glove, which makes it extremely comfortable and exceptionally breathable. This combination of material is lightweight yet robust; furthermore it absorbs humidity and allows for natural evaporation. The backhand also features coldback, which is a material that reduces heat absorption, thus keeping the riders hands cool.

A soft and thin synthetic suede material called DURASENSE , which is extremely wear-resistant, makes up the palm of the glove. Together with SILICONE GRIP it ensures an ideal grip on the reins. Furthermore, the MALIA features ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT CUT. This particularly slim and comfortable cut does not require any trimming on the index finger and ensures an outstandingly good fit. To top it all off, this glove is also TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE!

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