Old Mill Saddlery Stud Girth


For showjumpers, I feel this piece of tack is as important as tendon or fetlock boots. I never jump any of my horses without one. Nine times out of ten, when you check your stud girth after you’ve jumped, you will see marks where your horse has hit the underside of the girth with his front feet. Without the protection of the stud girth, this can’t be a pleasant experience for the horse. Simply from a performance perspective, you want to encourage your horse to ‘snap up’ with his front legs. This becomes a bit unfair if he’s hurting himself every time he does.




Why buy an Old Mill Saddlery Stud Girth?

Old Mill Saddlery, the manufacturers of this stud girth, are one of the biggest tack outlet in the United Kingdom. Robert Patton, the owner, established the business way back in 1985. He has an extensive background with horses, and started show jumping from the age of ten. Robert continued to ride over the next twenty years, and was lucky enough to win a Northern Championship in 1999. However he still remains very active within the business, overseeing every aspect of the company.

Below are some of the key features of this stud girth:

  • It is elasticated at both ends, which allows the even distribution of pressure.
  • The anatomic shape gives optimum comfort, resulting in maximum freedom of movement.
  • D-rings, centre buckle and snap hooks provide versatility for additional attachments.
  • Roller buckles allow smooth, easy adjustment.
  • They are made of quality leather and are extremely durable.

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