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A bit about Le Mieux fetlock boots

From a protection point of view, which is what you buy them for, I can honestly say, nothing is getting through that hard PVC outer shell. These fetlock¬†boots are as good as you’ll get in this regard.
They look super comfy as well. There’s a nice soft fluffy lining, that’s really easy to clean. This stops the build-up of sand and grime, which can sometimes cause abrasions. They are low cut on the top, for freedom of movement, and if you’re a showjumper like me, that bit of freedom, could be the difference between a clear round, and one down.




Why Le Mieux Capella fetlock Boots?

As I’m sure you would have gathered Le Mieux Fetlock Boots are manufactured by Le Mieux. If you don’t already know, Le Mieux is one of the biggest equestrian brands in the world. You don’t get that reputation if you manufacture junk. I have a few sets of these fetlock boots, and I can honestly assure you they are extremely hard-wearing. ¬†Being a professional showjumper myself, I work my horses daily, and six months down the line, they are still close to ‘as good as new’ as you could hope for. For me, there is nothing more annoying than spending money on something that doesn’t last.

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