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KEP Italia Helmet


Marcus Ehning rides in a KEP Italia helmet. You need to hear more? So do I, and so do thousands of top riders around the world. They’re super comfortable, look terrific, but most importantly, they’ll look after your nut if you have a bad fall. You honestly will not regret buying yourself a KEP helmet, and neither will the people that love you.




Why buy a KEP Italia helmet?

KEP Italia helmets are an Italian company founded on pure passion. The mission was to produce the best helmet in the world. KEP Italia combines the very best design, technology and raw materials available. The factory also complies with the very highest safety regulations. As a result, the helmet not only looks great, but offers you the best protection you can get.

Having launched its first model in 2007, KEP Italia continued in its quest for excellence. KEP Italia Helmets use superior technologies and materials in the manufacture of their helmets. They apply continuous quality controls, which makes every helmet fully traceable.  All KEP Italia Helmets are subject to inspections by five different international safety certification bodies. All this ensures a great product that will keep you safe.

Key features of this helmet:

  • Flexible visor
  • Removable inner padding for washing
  • Air circulation system to keep the rider cool
  • Five connection point straps, to keep the helmet in place.

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