Fleck Germany Carbon Jump Bat


This may sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but you really do know when you are holding a Fleck Jump Bat. They just feel different, but in a good way. I love them. They’re definitely my jump bat of choice. I suppose if you have been making something for 140 years, you would have to be pretty damned good at it. Fleck Germany Carbon Composite Ultra Lightweight Jump Bat, you can’t go wrong. For more of the technical info read below.



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Why the Fleck Germany carbon composite jump bat?

Fleck Germany started to make riding whips 140 years ago, when they were an indispensible aid for horse drawn carriages. Over time Fleck Germany started to direct their attention more towards equestrian sports like dressage and showjumping. They also modernised their manufacturing process and started to use more modern materials, like Carbon Composite and Polyurethane.

The Fleck Germany Carbon Composite is an ultra lightweight jump bat, which is perfect for show jumping. They make this jump bat from a carbon fibre derivative called carbon composite. The carbon composite material not only makes the jump bat light, but it also makes is extremely hard wearing. They make the handle from Polyurethane, which is a hard wearing spongy material. To finish the jump bat off, they add a large leather keeper on the end.

Fleck Germany make this jump bat from the finest materials available, and its easy to see they are absolute masters of their trade.  As they say, “you know when you’re holding a Fleck, when you’re holding a Fleck”

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