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Acavallo Opera Stirrups


Just by looking at these Acavallo Stirrups you can see the quality. They just ooze class, and you can tell immediately that they are beautifully made. There are stirrup irons on the market today that have funky designs, and make huge claims, but don’t really live up to the hype. These are definitely not one of those. They’re solid and hard-wearing, but aren’t bulky and heavy, weighing only 300 grams. They have a really nice big, laser cut stainless steel foot plate that offers excellent grip, so your foot ‘aint going nowhere’. The stirrups boast a special patented loop construction, which allows the stirrup to adhere to the saddle flap, avoiding friction between the leg and the stirrup, for a more correct, comfortable and secure ride. Top rated stirrups, these are a great buy.



Why Buy Acavallo Stirrups?

Well for one, Acavallo Stirrups have great ethics, and always have the welfare of the horse at heart. This is one of their motto’s: Create products for the welfare and protection of the horse that can help improve athletic performance of the horse and the rider

They design all their products using riders, both professional and amateur, as a point of reference. So whatever Acvavallo product you buy, was manufactured after getting a huge amount of feedback from riders. This ensures that their products ‘work’.

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