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Acavallo Anatomical Girth And Stud Guard


For showjumpers, I feel this piece of tack is as important as tendon or fetlock boots. I never jump any of my horses without one. Nine times out of ten, when you check your stud girth after you’ve jumped, you will see marks where your horse has hit the underside of the girth with his front feet. Without the protection of the stud girth, this can’t be a pleasant experience for the horse. Simply from a performance perspective, you want to encourage your horse to ‘snap up’ with his front legs. This becomes a bit unfair if he’s hurting himself every time he does.

The name stud girth implies that you need protection only when you are jumping on grass, and your horse is wearing studs. This is incorrect; because your horse will hit the underside of the stud girth without studs. You should use a stud girth regardless of the surface you are jumping on. This will encourage your horse to jump to the best of his ability because he is not hurting himself by doing so.




Why Buy Acavallo Anatomical Girth Or Stud Guard?

Below are some key features of the Acavallo anatomical girth and stud guard.  These make it stand out from most other stud guards on the market today:

  • The design of this girth eliminates pinching, and relieves pressure on the abdomen, thus; enables a tight close fit, without discomfort.
  • The individual shock absorbing gel pad element creates a sophisticated airflow pattern, thus; improving flexion, breathability and reduces sweat build-up.
  • The patented Acavallo safety fastening hook is designed to eliminate the need for additional snap hooks for martingales & draw reins creating a smooth safe connection.
  • Acavallo makes this comfortable girth from composite material and soft eco-leather.

Please note that initially, these girths measure 2-3cm shorter than advertised when laid flat. This allows for stretch, as they are elasticated at both ends.


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